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David James Brief History

David James is fourth in the ranking for most appearances in the Premier League – 572 games. In front of him are only Ryan Giggs, Gareth Barry and Frank Lampard. Until December 2015, he held the record for the goalkeeper with the most “dry nets” in the history of the Premier League – 169, before Peter Cech broke the top achievement.

He has defended England’s honor 53 times in 13 years. He began his career at Watford in 1988, and four years later he was transferred to Liverpool.

With the Reds, he won the League Cup in 1995. After seven years at Anfield, it was time for a change – he played consecutively for Aston Villa, West Ham and Manchester City.

In 2006 he signed with Portsmouth and won the most important victory here – the FA Cup in 2008. Two years later he was again with Portsmouth in the final, but this time he lost to Chelsea.

In this match he became the oldest goalkeeper (39 years old) who ever participated in a cup final. In 2012 he received the Order of the British Empire for services to football.

David James! And he was in Dimitar Berbatov’s team for the spectacular charity game against the star selection of Luis Figo.

Later he revives his career in IBV Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, where he also serves as assistant manager.

In 2005, he became a world ambassador against AIDS, traveling to Malawi as part of a project founded by a foundation named after him.

David James became the face of Portsmouth’s anti-smoking campaign. David is also a prominent environmentalist – he drives his Chrysler with rapeseed biodiesel. He believes in yoga and uses a personal sports psychotherapist for every game. In fact, he always strives to be unique. And now it is.

Rio Ferdinand, Theo Walcott, Micah Richards and David James are part of a campaign to fight cancer

Rio Ferdinand, Theo Walcott, Mother Richards and David James are part of a charity campaign to fight cancer. The campaign is the work of the foundation of the widow of the legend Bobby Moore Stephanie. Moore died at the age of 51 in 1993 from colon cancer. According to statistics, 1 in 44 people die every day from the disease in England alone.

The players’ photos are processed to show what we have inside us. Stephanie told the players that eight out of ten cancer patients could be saved if the disease was detected early. That’s why they’re participating in the campaign.

When not planning his return into football, James has used has used his artistic talents to create a pin design for #PinYourThanks an initiative allowing people across the UK to give thanks for the work of NHS and frontline staff during the pandemic.

James’ pin design features an eyeball with the rainbow colors that have become synonymous with the times.

Another passion of the football player is painting. He made more than 50 paintings and sell all of them for charity.