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football woman doing stretches

Stretches For Football Warm UpStretches For Football Warm Up

Some of the most effective stretches for football

Manual Therapy for Sports InjuriesManual Therapy for Sports Injuries

Sports therapy deals with the prevention and treatment

Preventing Injuries In FootballPreventing Injuries In Football

Sporting injuries are common occurrences within almost all


Charity Game of CelebritiesCharity Game of Celebrities

David James in a charity game of the


Move to IBV VestmannaeyjarMove to IBV Vestmannaeyjar

David James in Iceland A move to the


David James Player FileDavid James Player File

Name in country of origin: David Benjamin James

Better World

In setting the date, the General Assembly recalled that poverty is a threat to peace. The agency praised Mother Teresa’s work to assist the marginalized and the voiceless. The eradication of poverty is the first Sustainable Development Goal of the 2030 Agenda, approved in 2015, by the UN member countries.

The SDGs, as they are called, can be grouped into six critical areas: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships. The goal is to transform the lives of people and the planet so that everyone can live in a better world.

On this International Day of Charity, the General Assembly wants to increase the mobilization of societies, NGOs and all those interested in helping those in need through voluntary work or philanthropic activities.

David James Brief History

David James is fourth in the ranking for most appearances in the Premier League – 572 games. In front of him are only Ryan Giggs, Gareth Barry and Frank Lampard. Until December 2015, he held the record for the goalkeeper with the most “dry nets” in the history of the Premier League – 169, before Peter Cech broke the top achievement.

He has defended England’s honor 53 times in 13 years. He began his career at Watford in 1988, and four years later he was transferred to Liverpool.

With the Reds, he won the League Cup in 1995. After seven years at Anfield, it was time for a change – he played consecutively for Aston Villa, West Ham and Manchester City.

Just Do It

There is a possibility if we give our best and there is nothing written in football

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